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Ace Combat 7 Will Take 50 Hours to Completely Finish

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is just a couple of weeks away from releasing and fans are chomping at the bit for more details on Bandai Namco’s upcoming game.

One question that fans have been pondering is just how long the running time is. Thankfully we have the answer to that question courtesy of Bandai Namco talking to WccfTech, via Pure PlayStation.

When asked about the average time it would take to beat the game’s single player story missions, the developer said that “ACE COMBAT is an arcade experience where you must complete missions. The times for a continuous process of trial and error are not included like in an RPG or adventure game.” The developer elaborated a little further on how long it would take to fully complete the game, saying“But if an ace pilot plays without any mistakes, playtime is more than 10 hours… If a player explores deeply and aims to complete all aircrafts, it is assumed to be around 50 hours.”

Bear in mind that the 50 hours number is based on completing the game 100% – something most players won’t do.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will release on Xbox One this January 18th.

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