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Legendary Xbox Live Arcade Shooter Murder Miners Returns on Xbox One

Did you play Murder Miners on the Xbox 360 back in the day? Do you wish you could relive those happy, happy memories on your Xbox One console? Well now you can, as Murder Miners has finally made its way to the Xbox One store, seven years after its original Xbox Live Arcade release.

Murder Miners is a first-person shooter with the aesthetics of Minecraft, gameplay of old-school Halo, and the addictive multiplayer of Goldeneye. It was a blast back in the Xbox 360 days and now it’s available in a superior form on the Xbox One, and even better on the Xbox One X.

You get four-player split-screen multiplayer that can be played on your local console and online with up to 24 players. There’s an Infection mode where one player takes on the role of a zombie and must infect all other players until everybody is a zombie. There’s also a Battle Royale mode and a zombie mode as well as vehicles, destructible environments and more. Best of all, it’s running at a smooth 60fps, a far cry from the Xbox 360 days, that’s for sure.

Murder Miners is out now on the Xbox store for as little as €3.99/your regional currency. There’s also an add-on pack dubbed ‘The Believers Pack’ which grants you the Believer Badge, Gold Weapon Skins, Glowing Believer Banner in the pre-game lobby, and Spit on Infidel! ability. How… delightful.

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